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Alisa Turner, Certified Integrative Health Coach in Charleston, SC

Whole Food.
Whole Life.
Whole You.

Are you unhappy with your overall health?

Are you confused by conflicting nutrition messages? Do you want to live a healthier life? I can help you.

As a Certified Integrative Health Coach, I start by taking a look at what I call the “pantry of your whole life.” Every ingredient of your life impacts the others. Your healthy life recipe includes food, but it’s much more than food. As your Health Coach, we navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and wellness information about weight management, cravings, sleep, energy, stress management, and digestion along with other concerns. Looking into the pantry of your whole life, I will work with you to determine the mix of life’s ingredients for creating your personalized healthy recipe. 

Your Healthy Life Plan

Looking into the pantry of your whole life, I will work with you to determine the mix of life’s ingredients for creating your personalized healthy life recipe.


Identify Bio-Profile

There’s no one recipe for every person, which is why there are so many diets out there.  Response to food is individual and it changes with internal and external circumstances. We experiment slowly and I teach you to listen, so you know specifically what works and how to adjust as your bio-profile and environment change. Your life recipe will work when it is thoughtfully and lovingly customized, and when it is incrementally implemented with guidance and support.

Deconstruct Cravings

Your cravings are critical messages from your body about the recipe it needs to be at its best. Cravings come from all sorts of things from micronutrient deficiencies to emotional dis-ease. Together, we will discover what your body is telling you. Your life pantry may be extremely cluttered, creating confusion as to what your best life recipe should be.  We will clean out the clutter so you can hear more clearly what the cravings are telling you, reclaim a sense of balance, and make healthier choices.

Crowding Out

Many nutrition experts give a list of “avoid” and “eat”. My approach is different – I add in.  If you eat and drink enough of the right foods for your bio-profile, you naturally “crowd out” the unhealthy choices. As your body starts to come into balance, it will tell you that it wants to stay there. Your body will actually start to crave more of what you should be feeding it. Nutrition is cumulative, so this takes patience and practice, and I support you all the way. Oh, and water? Everybody needs lots of that!


Customized Health Coaching

If you’re lost, defeated, exhausted, frustrated or confused because you don’t know how to get healthy, I want to help you rise back up.  Before becoming an Integrative Health Coach, “I’ve been there”, as they say, and have experienced this in my own health journey.

Your health is everything!




Alisa Turner worked with me as a life coach for six months in 20016 and 2017. She was a great inspiration to me and taught me a lot about balance in  my life.

I have fibromyalgia and suffer from anxiety. I also have high blood pressure. I am on many medicines that affect my weight and digestive issues. Alisa was helpful in finding ways to help curb my anxiety using techniques such as meditation and breathing techniques. She also educated me on how unhealthy prepackaged products are that I was eating. She taught me how to eat healthier foods that were natural, and saw a positive difference in how my digestive system reacted after eating healthier. I also saw some loss of weight. I continue to struggle with this issue, but I refer back to recipes and advice that Alisa gave me to get on track. I do not enjoy cooking, but she gave me simple recipes and alternatives to my husband’s cooking that were easy to make.

Working with Alisa I saw that I needed to have a balance in not only my diet and mental state of being, but also in my relationships with others, my physical activity, and spirituality. As time has gone on I have seen more balance in several areas of my life. My family relationships have improved and physically I am able to participate in my first triathlon at 54 years old in a few weeks. I have felt pretty strong spiritually in the past, but see that my relationship with God has deepened as well.

I am very thankful for the time Alisa spent with me and highly recommend her to others who want to find a more balanced life

My top three goals starting the program was to lose the baby weight, eat healthier and better, and to have more confidence in myself.

Alisa was able to help me work towards these goals by going step by step and taking time to really make sure I was ready to go forward into my goals even when I did not think I was ready. She guided me through a time in my life and made the experience so much fun.

The tangible change I noticed is my confidence in myself and learning what my needs are and listening to my body.

The biggest change I have noticed is eating healthy but in more of an organic way. It doesn’t feel like i’m ever on a diet. I just feel like I’m eating better without trying. Alisa slowly introduced healthier eating habits to a point that I did not realize I changed my diet completely. Such a smooth transition.

I met Alisa when I was having a low in life. After our first meeting, I knew I met the right person to help get my life back in order. Alisa didn’t just help with my nutritional health, she also helped me with my mental health. She has given me the courage to get back back into therapy, to try foods, and exercises that I never would have tried before.

Any time I am feeling down, she has given me the tools and knowledge to get back on track! I would recommend her to anyone!

My top Top 3 goals upon starting the 6 month program were making better food and life choices, and finding a better work/life balance

Alisa worked with me to diagnose unhealthy foods for my body, focus on simple strategies for better food, simplify and prioritize my life and recognize the connection between life choices and physical consequences  Weight loss, more energy, no food comas, better sleep, more active were the benefits of reaching my goals. What I really learned to do was being able to listen to my body and respond accordingly. I would recommend Alisa Turner to anyone struggling in this modern world to keep up, and find peace and balance amid all of life’s chaos.