Alisa Turner - Integrative Health Coaching

About Alisa Turner, Certified Integrative Health Coach

I’m Alisa Turner, and as a certified Integrative Health Coach my goal is to help you put all the pieces together so you can reach your full potential. In life and in health.

Here is my story

I have experienced a lot of life extremes and attempted many so-called solutions and fixes to get back on track and find happiness and health in life. These experiences and the healthy path I joyfully travel today, along with being an Integrative Health Coach, equips me to sit down, listen and offer hope and guidance to you in your whole health journey. I’ve had sub-optimal nutrition and have even eaten ‘too clean’ (Yes, that’s a thing!).  I’ve experienced losing and finding faith. I’ve lived a sedentary life, and I’ve over-exercised as self-punishment. I’ve experienced financial freedom and financial insecurity. I’ve been married, divorced, and lost an entire social network.

I remember the crippling self-loathing associated with food disorders and addiction, and I have also been able to find self-love. I’ve experienced the hopelessness of falling hard, and the bliss, serenity and joy of rising up. So, if you’re lost, defeated, exhausted, frustrated or confused because you don’t know how to get healthy, I want to help you rise back up. Your health is everything.  You are worth it!

The Rest of My Story

My own health recipe has been developing since childhood. Several pivotal experiences provided me unique insights for my approach to nutrition, including divorce, battles with eating disorders, addiction, and mental health, and various spiritual experiences.

My sales career poignantly demonstrated the effects of stress on a body — as various ingredients for my health dwindled, I began to erode mentally and physically. I gained 25 lbs. and couldn’t lose it, despite intense exercise and healthy eating.

Then, a lengthy divorce left me desperately alone, nutritionally deprived, jobless, spiritually bankrupt, and crushed at the center of my being. Searching for healing and purpose, I enrolled in yoga teacher training.  During that time, I was encouraged to cut meat from my diet, which oddly resolved years of chronic digestive issues. I was intrigued.

I lived on takeout and loads of sugar through those divorce years. The strangest thing happened. Those pesky 20 pounds suddenly fell off!  I needed to know more!

My education aligned with my experience when I learned the significance of other factors besides food on our health.  Of course, I studied proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, phytonutrients, sugar, supplements, and dietary theory.   I also learned that all the kale in the world can’t make you healthy if relationships, career, spirituality, exercise and sleep are out of balance.  In my case, losing a toxic relationship meant losing the weight. My experience finally made sense!

Eventually, life took another unexpected turn. The collapse of my second marriage rocked me to my core. In less than 6 months, I lost faith, appetite, relationships, sleep, even yoga – I couldn’t stomach the positivity. I was a shell of mother, I lost my drive to succeed, and my business crumbled. I spiraled into the abyss of eating disorders and alcohol faster than I thought possible.

But, God had other plans for me.  For years he had been equipping me with tools that I eventually remembered after a period darkness. Prayer, yoga, the core belief that food can heal, and a “knowing” that I was here to help others became a light to me.  God put the right people in my path and I started to build my life back, piece by piece.

Because you are here, I am now on your path. I would love to walk with you.

If you’re lost, defeated, exhausted, frustrated or confused because you don’t know how to get healthy, I want to help you rise back up.  Your health is everything!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!