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The Importance of the Rainbow

Why do we fill at least ½ our plates with the rainbow? One of the many things that clients are keeping track of during our time together is how much of their plate is comprised of vegetables -- and of that portion, how many colors are reflected. 90% of American’s...

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Your Personal Online Assessment

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” -- Aristotle.   I’ve also seen his phrase re-written in slightly less pithy but possibly even more meaningful words, especially for today’s topic:  “The system is something besides, and the not the same as its...

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Simple Changes, or Complex, I’ve Got You Covered

Whether it’s accountability for simple changes or help in navigating more complex subtleties and symptoms, I’ve got you covered!CONSISTENCY WITH MANY SMALL CHANGES IS USUALLY MORE IMPACTFUL THAN MASSIVELY CHANGING ONE THING. People tend to try one thing, and when they...

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Weight Loss Benefits of Managing Stress

All the kale in the world, perfectly balanced macros, and an optimized fitness routine will probably not get your excess weight off if your stress is through the roof.   Those habits are still having a very positive impact on your health, and you’d be worse off...

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Aligning Your Food with Your Fitness Goals

So, you want to tone up and look fit?  Better get your food in alignment with your fitness goals! Finding the right fitness strategy for YOUR body and working with the right fitness professional is absolutely important.  But results may be minimized or may take a...

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