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Calorie Counting vs Time Restricted Eating

Weight loss strategies: Counting Calories or Time Restricted Eating There’s no denying that calories matter when it comes to weight – they just aren’t the ONLY things that matter.  It’s very difficult (and often mentally and emotionally unhealthy) to track...

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Importance of Good Sleep Habits

Are you sure it’s not the sleep that’s killing your progress? I find that helping people implement sustainable food habits is relatively easy with even just the tiniest bit of education, and of course consistent meal prep, tracking, and accountability.  People...

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Portion Control: Benefits & Easy Tips

Need help with portion sizes? TRACK FIRST, THEN MAKE CHANGES Before starting to tackle potion size adjustments, I suggest tracking what you’re CURRENTLY eating for a week or so because if you don’t know what and how much is going in your body before you start making...

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My Top 8 Holiday Health Hacks

Some people love the holidays, and others dread this season.  Most people are somewhere in between.  Whatever camp you’re in, they almost certainly add stress to your life in some capacity simply because they add more THINGS to your already full...

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Substance Abuse, Recovery, and Metabolic Syndrome

Wondering what your waist to hip ratio says about your health?   Let’s look at some of the research on substance abuse, recovery, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome from the nutrition and recovery meta-analysis I’m working on.  Given the high...

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The Importance of Tracking

Start by Starting I want to talk about the importance of tracking because I get met with a lot of resistance here.  I get it -- It’s a new habit, so it can seem time-consuming and tedious to be thinking and documenting what, how much, and when you’re eating and...

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