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Quercetin Is All The Buzz Right Now

Flavonoids, are “indispensable” pigments found in plants like fruits, vegetables, grains, roots, stems, flowers and leaves with great potential for the prevention and treatment of disease because of their anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and...

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Benefits of More Protein in Your Daily Diet

Some research (*)shows higher protein diets are associated with greater weight and fat mass loss, more muscle preservation, improved satiety, and a greater reduction in blood pressure, triglycerides, and waist circumference than lower protein diets.  Current...

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The Weight Paradox in Addiction and Recovery

I knew I would be called to write an article about the connection between integrative nutrition and substance abuse at some point.  Having been rocked by it myself, I know the power of addiction on the human body, and I also know the power of nutrition.  But I had no...

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Does Coffee Really Cause Dehydration?

I recently read an article about coffee and its potential of causing dehydration. Even the title had me wanting to share it immediately with my coffee dependent friends. In fact, here is the title and the link to the article from the National Center for Biotechnology...

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My Experience with Learning Healthier Living

Sharing my latest experience with inflammation, diet, exercise, chronic pain, and my adrenal function, and how I can help you in your journey to healthier living. For years I woke up with debilitating lateral low back/upper hip tightness.  There was significant...

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Never Give Up!

A reminder to never give matter how many times you fail! This one can admittedly be tricky because at a certain point I think it’s natural (especially if you’re actively working on discerning God’s will) to wonder if the thing you’re chasing is maybe just not...

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