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Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

If you’re lost, defeated, exhausted, frustrated or confused because you don’t know how to get healthy, I want to help you rise back up.  Your health is everything!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Healthy Life Recipe

If I asked 100 people to send me their favorite taco recipe, I would get 100 different responses because variations are fun, and preferences are unique. I doubt anyone would send me a recipe with 1 ingredient.

Most recipes have several core ingredients. You can substitute some ingredients, or you can vary color, flavor & quantity, but you can’t build a tasty recipe with only one ingredient.

Our health recipes are the same: multi-dimensional and individualized.  “Diet” is only one of many core, customizable ingredients. Because we are such unique, complex creatures, the same health recipe doesn’t work for every person.

Interestingly, our food choices are often indicative of other life ingredients that are out of balance.  Even if you believe you have figured out exactly what quantities and combinations of food you need to eat at what times, you can still be plagued by excess weight and chronic disease.

This frustrating scenario can happen if you’re in an unhealthy relationship, bored at work, sleep deprived, sedentary, or feel there’s “something missing” in your life. Too much, not enough, or the wrong type of each life ingredient can affect food cravings.

I can help you create your personalized healthy life recipe. Once you know and experience that recipe, it will become your favorite, and you won’t be able to imagine it any other way!

The Test Kitchen

Where we create your life recipe

Your healthy life recipe is much more than a customized meal plan, but far from impossible. Most people know what to do to be healthier, but life gets in the way or doing it alone just doesn’t work. I give 1-3 suggestions each week, you do the work, and you provide the feedback. Each session we will make adjustments based on what we are learning about you. What you find below will be our Test Kitchen process. All along the way, I will be there to guide, support, interpret, and help you create your life’s recipe, giving you your best life.


Your health recipe is created from your life’s pantry, which is much more than food.  We take a thorough inventory of your past and present looking at eating patterns, relationships, quantity and quality of sleep and exercise, stress, career fulfilment, and spiritual health. All of these areas are closely tied to food choice.  When the whole life recipe is right, food choices should be second nature and never seem like a chore or a deprivation. 

Set Goals

Most people have a goal when they come to see me, but after we take inventory, I typically clearly see additional sub-goals that need to be defined in order to achieve your primary goal.  We outline realistic, measurable goals and action steps need for all areas in life, including but not limited to food, that will help keep progress on track for achieving that goal.

Identify Bio-Profile

There’s no one recipe for every person, which is why there are so many diets out there.  Response to food is individual and it changes with internal and external circumstances. We experiment slowly and I teach you to listen, so you know specifically what works and how to adjust as your bio-profile and environment change. Your life recipe will work when it is thoughtfully and lovingly customized, and when it is incrementally implemented with guidance and support.

Deconstruct Cravings

Your cravings are critical messages from your body about the recipe it needs to be at its best. Cravings come from all sorts of things from micronutrient deficiencies to emotional dis-ease. Together, we will discover what your body is telling you. Your life pantry may be extremely cluttered, creating confusion as to what your best life recipe should be.  We will clean out the clutter so you can hear more clearly what the cravings are telling you, reclaim a sense of balance, and make healthier choices.

Crowding Out

Many nutrition experts give a list of “avoid” and “eat”. My approach is different – I add in.  If you eat and drink enough of the right foods for your bio-profile, you naturally “crowd out” the unhealthy choices. As your body starts to come into balance, it will tell you that it wants to stay there. Your body will actually start to crave more of what you should be feeding it. Nutrition is cumulative, so this takes patience and practice, and I support you all the way. Oh, and water? Everybody needs lots of that!

Integrate Your Plate

While it’s true that everybody’s plate will look slightly different based on their unique bio profile, one thing is universal –at least 1/2 the plate should be veggies and sometimes fruit.  This may seem impossible and even scary, but it’s neither.  My tips, tricks, and customized meal plans make it a breeze to get more local and organic produce into your body. The remainder of the plate will be filled with whole grains, high-quality proteins, and fats according to your specific recipe for proportions and portion size.