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Your Healthy Life Recipe

Your overall healthy life recipe is much more than customized meal plans, and though nutrition is one of the foundations to living a happy and healthy life, the other factors in your life are just as important.

Most people know what to do to eat healthier, but life, work, and obligations get in the way. Add in the other responsibilities and areas of your life, and it becomes almost impossible to do it alone. Use the Healthy Life rating tool below to help guage where you feel you are in the key areas of your life. This is fully secure and confidential, and helps me to customize a Healthy Life Recipe just for you. More importantly, it is a recipe you can follow and make those elusive improvements in your life. I give 1-3 suggestions each week, you do the work, and you provide the feedback. Each session we will make adjustments based on what we are learning about you. All along the way I will be there to guide, support, interpret, and help you create your life’s recipe, giving you your best life.

Take The Healthy Life Assessment

Below is a simple 1 to 10 rating tool that you can use to gauge your current life satisfaction in each Healthy Life category. Using 1 as being completely unsatisfied, and 10 as being completely satisfied, select the number under each category to rank where your current satifaction level is within this area of your life. This serves to help us establish a solid basis in working towards your very own Healthy Life Recipe.

Let me help you based on how you answered these questions.

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Food can be the core to finding balance. It is not the one and all, but starting here creates a foundation. 

The Essentials of Goal Setting

Fluid goals, not a rigid checklist, is where Alisa works to bring balance to each of her clients.

Work with Alisa

It’s one on one, it’s geared to who you are and what you want to achieve, and it’s life-changing.