Alisa Turner - Integrative Health Coaching

Celiac is known as the mother of all autoimmune, and the intestine is the mother of our immune system.   Let’s talk about why that’s important information. 

As we better understand Celiac, we can better understand all autoimmune because they really aren’t that different — they vary in what organ they effect, but the root upregulation problem is all basically the same, and they all have a gut component.

And about the gut:  Of the trillion or so cells in our entire body, There are 10x more good germs in a healthy person’s intestine than cells in our entire body!  So those germs ARE our bodies!  They matter – They aren’t just protecting the immune system, they ARE the immune system.  And we are unintentionally killing them, and then not feeding what’s left of them properly.  And it’s causing problems folks, lots of problems –  not just autoimmune problems…all the problems!

Did you know that the intestine is actually the outside world, manifested on the inside of our bodies?  And over 70% of our immune system is in the lining of our intestine, so it makes sense that it’s the thermostat of our entire immune system.  And since the immune system impacts every other system in our body, improving immune function can have a positive effect EVERYWHERE — not just with autoimmune.

With the very first hit of an antibiotic, our immune system is effected, and our health becomes more fragile. (After the first course of antibiotics, the risk of asthma is DOUBLED!).   Without enough good germs, our immune function begins to unravel as we start to see an increased inflammatory response of our immune system.  

Symptoms can take years to see, and they can be progressive so it’s not always easy to connect the dots.  But I can assure you that if you’re having just about any health problem at all, your immune system is playing a role.  The good news: as we repair the gut, we can repair immune function, and we can see relief in autoimmune, and almost every health problem out there!

What is proven to have a positive effect on immune function?  Fruits and veggies!  It’s really a lack of enough VARIETY that is part of the immune challenge today – in autoimmune and really in all health problems.  Celiac has a specific trigger, and once that trigger is 100% removed the disease process can be halted.  But it can’t really be REPAIRED without enough variety of the proper building blocks (fruits veggies, seeds, nuts and grains as dictated by your specific bio-profile ). 

So try to eat a rainbow 🌈 at every meal, and if you can’t get the job done, let’s talk!